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Portrait of Anya Judith Samson. - click to view larger image

born 1988, Kartujarra language group, Milangka skin group, Jigalong community, Martumili Artists

Anya is Dadda Samson’s granddaughter. She was born in Port Hedland and moved to Jigalong when she was a little girl.

She spends much of her time painting with her grandmother and learning the stories of her Country. She is affectionately known as ‘young Dadda’.

A painting on brown linen with many concentric circles outlined in yellow with red and green tones inside on a background of aqua green. In the lower centre of the painting is a dark pink toned shallow crescent shape with a white-cream outline. To the upper left of it are five C shapes in green, orange, red, white, pink and yellow stripes. At the left edge there are six concentric circles in a vertical line. The section to the right of the painting has concentric circles in lines with cream and yellow outer section and green, yellow orange and pink in the centre.

Puntawarri, Jilakurru and Kumpupirntily

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