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Trophy won by Brook Sample

A man wearing a bright orange vest runs beside a horse. Two mounted riders follow. - click to view larger image
Brook Sample with Brookleigh Excalibur, 2013

As road trains, fencing and motorbikes became more widespread on open-range stations from the 1960s, pastoralist and entrepreneur Reginald Murray (RM) Williams became concerned that horses and riders were no longer tested over long distances.

In 1966 Williams gathered support for a 24-hour, 100-mile (160-kilometre) ride, which became known as the Quilty Cup after Williams' friend, cattleman Tom Quilty, donated $1000 for the first prize – a gold cup.

The Quilty became the annual national championships event, and today attracts hundreds of competitors. Arabian and part-Arabian horse breeds dominate the sport.

Brook Sample started endurance riding at the age of four. He has won the Quilty Gold Cup seven times, the first in 1990 when he was 17 years old.

He won this cup in 2013, riding Brookleigh Excalibur to complete the course in just under 9 hours and 14 minutes.

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