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Kaapa Tjampitjinpa, 1978

Walapurnpa is one of many sites on the Rain Dreaming trail that commences at Kalipinypa, the site of a massive thunderstorm. The three dark circles in the painting are the camps of the keeper-owners of Walapurnpa: two Tjampitjinpa men and a Tjangala man.

Lightning and slashing hail are represented by the sinuous lines. The fine white and black dots are cloud masses rolling into the blackness of the storm centre, and the fine black lines represent the water that flowed over the entire country. The larger dots indicate stony outcrops around the site.

Combination of an image of an artwork and a line drawing.

Discussion questions

Imagine you are high in the sky looking down on the storm below.

Can you see the lightning and hail moving across the sky?

Find the white and black clouds that have gathered.

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