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Kaapa Tjampitjinpa, 1974

This painting depicts a yilpinytji (love magic) story. The central area represents the women’s camp, which is surrounded by women’s objects including woven head-pieces for attracting men.

The men approach the camp very carefully, decorated with ceremonial marrapinti (nosepegs), which are worn through the pierced septem. Spinning of human hair, painting special designs on the skin and wearing marrapinti are ways for a man to attract a woman. Male head-pads indicate that the men are prepared to perform their share of domestic carrying.

Combination of an image of an artwork and a line drawing.

Discussion questions

This painting shows women sitting around a fire with some objects

Can you see the bowls, sticks, hair decorations and bush tomatoes?

Outside the black windbreaks are some men with their objects.

If you were drawing objects that were important to you, what would they be?

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