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Studio portrat of John McCormack sitting astride a chair.
John McCormack by Mina Moore

Killarney by John McCormack

Music by Michael W Balfe and words by Edmund Falconer, recorded by Victor 74157, January 1910
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Presenters: John McCormack


By Killarney’s lakes and fells,
Emerald isles and winding bays;
Mountain paths and woodland dells,
Mem’ry ever fondly strays.
Bounteous nature loves all lands
Beauty wanders ev’rywhere;
Footprints leaves on many strand,
But her home is surely there!
Angels fold their wings and rest,
In that Eden of the west
Beauty’s home Killarney,
Ever fair Killarney.

No place else can charm the eye,
With such bright and varied tints,
Ev’ry rock that you pass by,
Verdure broiders or besprints.
Virgin there the green grass grows
Ev’ry morn spring’s natal day;
Bright-hued berries daff the snows,
Smiling winter’s frown away.
Angels often pausing there,
Doubt if Eden were more fair,
Beauty’s home Killarney,
Ever fair Killarney.

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