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Glorious Days: Australia 1913 celebrated a time of tremendous optimism, when Australians saw their new nation as progressive and free to make its own future in the world.

1913 was a 'hinge year', when people embraced the modern world of automobiles, aeroplanes, rollerskating and cinema, although attitudes and prejudices from the past persisted.

Glorious Days was on show at the National Museum of Australia from 7 March to 13 October 2013.

Sport and leisure Explore swimming, roller skating, football and other popular pursuits.
Nation building Celebrate milestones such as the naming of the national capital and Australia's first banknote.
Social laboratory Discover advances in scientific research and the rights of women and workers.
First peoples Learn about Indigenous peoples through collections acquired by ethnographers and amateurs.
Defending Australia Explore the arrival of a navy for a new nation, and the citizen army.
Music and films Hear Nellie Melba, Florence Austral, Peter Dawson and popular artists.
Australasian empire Discover Douglas Mawson's Antarctic expedition and Australians in Papua.
Australian style See works from artists including Hans Heysen, Norman Lindsay and Ethel Carrick Fox.
Glorious Days: Australia 1913
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The year 1913 was one of great optimism for Australians. Hear about sport and celebrity, women in white Australia, the new navy, the arts and exploration in Antarctica.
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