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Children from Cooktown State School grow up surrounded by stories about Cook’s time at Waalumbaal Birri. In 2019, students from years 3 to 5 created a series of artworks that show how they see the events that took place there.

All the works were acquired by the National Museum. Some are on show in the exhibition.


Cooktown State School art workshop 02:04

Highlights from the Cooktown State School Endeavour 250 art workshop, with Guugu Yimidhirr Elder Alberta Hornsby, factilitator Dr Naomi Zouwer and National Museum curator Dr Lily Withycombe. There is no sound on this video.

Luminous Reef by Esme Bowen, Hopevale Arts and Culture Centre (a colourful artwork of an ocean scene featuring turtles and other sea creatures and species).

Main banner image: Luminous Reef, Esmae Bowen, Gugu Thaypan. Hopevale Arts and Culture Centre

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