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In a stunning display of colour and light, artists from the Hopevale Arts and Culture Centre created a series of works reflecting on moments when Cook and his crew came into contact with Guugu Yimidhirr people in 1770.

Explore the works by Hopevale artists

Workshops on country

This body of work was created at a series of workshops hosted on country in Hopevale, 46 kilometres north-west of Cooktown.

Curator Shona Coyne from the National Museum of Australia and Indigenous Art Centre Alliance educator Edwina Circuitt read James Cook and Joseph Banks's journals with the artists.

This was the first time many of the artists had read the journals. There was much robust discussion about how life would have been for their ancestors who were on the shores of Waalumbaal Birri in 1770.

Exhibition display wall featuring light boxes with artworks.
Eight of the 12 Hopevale lightboxes on display
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