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Studio portrait photograph of Michelle Turvey

Advocate for victims of crime
Western Australia | 2024 Australian of the Year

In October 2022, Mechelle Turvey’s son Cassius was assaulted on his way home from school. He died 10 days later, sparking rallies and vigils across the country.

Mechelle led the march in Perth and delivered a powerful speech about her son. She called for calm and the need for proper care for victims of crime and their families. Mechelle is now working with Western Australian Police, delivering training sessions on how to deal sensitively with the victims of crime.

Most people have seen Cassius smiling. That wasn’t just because a camera was in front of him. It’s because he had hope.

My boy talks to me every day through my heart and tells me what I need to do. He told me to find his school report and it sums up that he died a leader.

Cassius Turvey’s school report

Cassius Turvey was kind and generous, with a beaming smile. Following his death, Cassius’s mother, Mechelle, attended a rally in Perth in remembrance of her son. She read from one of his school reports to more than 8,000 people.

The report highlights Cassius’s positivity, his willingness to help others and his leadership. It provides a glimpse into Cassius’s future. It shows Mechelle the person Cassius would have become and how he will be remembered.

Photo of a school report

Cassius Turvey’s school report from Mechelle Turvey

This exhibition was developed by the National Museum of Australia in collaboration with the National Australia Day Council. Portrait images supplied by the National Australia Day Council.

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