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A monthly event held by Museum Friends, with prominent women talking about their lives, work and passions.

Landmark Women 20 Nov 2015

Landmark women: Diane Kargas AM

Diane Kargas from Philanthropy Matters on family, community, philanthropy, tackling homelessness, supporting carers and charities and making a difference.
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Presenters: Diane Kargas

Landmark Women 23 Oct 2015

Landmark women: Christine Waring

Christine describes her love of hats, learning and teaching millinery, opening her studio and working in Australia and overseas. Includes an appraisal of the latest fashion hats and accessories.
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Presenters: Christine Waring

Landmark Women 18 Sep 2015

Landmark women: Dr Judy West

Judy West talks about her love of the country as well as her work as a botanist across Australia and at CSIRO and the Australian National Botanic Gardens.
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Presenters: Judy West

Landmark Women 21 Aug 2015

Landmark women: Robyn Hendry

Robyn Hendry from the Canberra Business Chamber on business, tourism, the growth of the capital over 30 years and Canberra career women hitting their stride.
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Presenters: Robyn Hendry

Landmark Women 17 Jul 2015

Landmark women: Dr Jennifer Gall

Musicologist Jennifer Gall describes the rich musical history of Mugga Mugga Homestead, Lanyon Homestead and Calthorpe’s House in the Canberra, and demonstrates works from different eras on her violin.
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Presenters: Jennifer Gall

Landmark Women 19 Jun 2015

Landmark women: Marion Le AM

Marion Le AM, human rights advocate and lawyer, talks about growing up in New Zealand, her passion for teaching and multiculturalism, and her continuing work with migrants and refugees.
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Presenters: Marion Le AM

Landmark Women 15 May 2015

Landmark women: Amanda Whitley

Amanda Whitley talks about the importance of family, and her ‘winding career path’, from running a citrus marketing lobby group to moderating the Mamamia website and setting up the HerCanberra website.
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Presenters: Amanda Whitley

Landmark Women 17 Apr 2015

Landmark women: Felicity Packard

Screenwriter Felicity Packard talks about her personal journey producing the Anzac Girls television series and the many unknown great deeds of women in the Great War.
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Presenters: Felicity Packard

Landmark Women 20 Mar 2015

Landmark women: Heather Reid AM

Heather Reid talks about the evolution of women’s involvement in soccer, her childhood in the Snowy Mountains and almost 40 years working in sports administration.
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Presenters: Heather Reid

Landmark Women 20 Feb 2015

Landmark women: Julie Nichols and Rachel Evangelou

Handmade Canberra founders Rachel Evangelou and Julie Nichols discuss their creative passions and the business and markets they inspired.
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Presenters: Rachel Evangelou and Julie Nichols

Landmark Women 21 Nov 2014

Landmark women: Michelle Hetherington

Curator Michelle Hetherington discusses her life and her work researching and developing major exhibitions for the National Library of Australia and National Museum of Australia.
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Presenters: Michelle Hetherington

Landmark Women 17 Oct 2014

Landmark women: Dr Sue Packer AM

Paediatrician Sue Packer talks about her work to improve the lives of children and her role chairing the Mr Fluffy asbestos expert reference group.
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Presenters: Sue Packer

Landmark Women 26 Sep 2014

Landmark women: Alex Sloan

Popular 666 ABC radio host Alex Sloan reflects on growing up in the country, her work at the national broadcaster and her life in the Canberra region.
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Presenters: Alex Sloan

Landmark Women 15 Aug 2014

Landmark women: Elizabeth Truswell

Geologist Elizabeth Truswell has combined her love of botany and geology with the study of palynology (the study of fossil and living pollen grains and plant spores). Her interest in deep-sea drilling has helped to create art works.
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Presenters: Elizabeth Truswell

Landmark Women 18 Jul 2014

Landmark women: Susie Beaver

Susie Beaver has worked in the arts with various community organisations across the country. Susie and her husband Martin run Beaver Galleries, Canberra’s largest commercial gallery, tirelessly promoting contemporary Australian artists.
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Presenters: Susie Beaver

Landmark Women 27 Jun 2014

Landmark women: Julia Newton-Howes

Julia Newton-Howes from CARE Australia discusses her life and work around themes of poverty, aid and development, gender equality and women’s empowerment, and her pursuit of data and evidence as a trained scientist.
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Presenters: Julia Newton-Howes

Landmark Women 16 May 2014

Landmark women: Mary-Jane Mountain

Mary-Jane Mountain talks about her 57 years as an archaeologist covering her experiences both teaching at universities in the United Kingdom, Papua New Guinea and Australia and conducting fieldwork while completing her PhD in a remote PNG village.
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Presenters: Mary-Jane Mountain

Landmark Women 11 Apr 2014

Landmark women: Kaarin Anstey

Kaarin Anstey from the Centre for Research on Ageing, Health and Wellbeing talks about her research into ageing and the prevention of cognitive decline and dementia, and how personal experience influenced her career.
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Presenters: Kaarin Anstey

Landmark Women 28 Mar 2014

Landmark women: Carolyn Forster

Carolyn Forster talks about her work in the Australian Parliament, and with organisations the Children’s Medical Research Institute, ACT Heritage Festival and Friends of the National Museum of Australia.
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Presenters: Carolyn Forster

Landmark Women 14 Feb 2014

Landmark women: Catherine Carter

Catherine Carter talks about running the ACT Property Council’s operations, policy development and public affairs, and working with people from bureaucrats to builders in a male-dominated industry.
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Presenters: Catherine Carter

Landmark Women 15 Nov 2013

Landmark Women: Ruth Pearce

Ruth Pearce speaks about her diverse and challenging international life as an Australian diplomat that included postings as Australian ambassador to the Solomon Islands, Russia along with accreditation to 12 former Soviet republics, the Philippines and Poland.
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Presenters: Ruth Pearce

Landmark Women 18 Oct 2013

Landmark Women: Elizabeth Reid

Elizabeth Reid is a development practitioner, feminist and academic with a distinguished career in national and international public service and was appointed the world’s first advisor on women’s affairs by the Labor Government of Gough Whitlam in 1973.
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Presenters: Elizabeth Reid

Landmark Women 27 Sep 2013

Landmark Women: Daryl Karp

Daryl Karp is an internationally recognised, award-winning executive with a passion for science media. In addition to her role as director of MOAD, she is director of the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) Australia and the Children’s Television Foundation.
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Presenters: Daryl Karp

Landmark Women 16 Aug 2013

Landmark Women: Louise Page

Soprano Louise Page, one of Australia’s most highly regarded singers, talks about her work in opera, cabaret, recitals and broadcasts, as well as bringing up her family in Canberra.
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Presenters: Louise Page

Landmark Women 19 Jul 2013

Landmark Women: Catriona Jackson

Science and Technology Australia's Catriona Jackson speaks about her career in politics, public affairs, tertiary education and journalism.
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Presenters: Catriona Jackson
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