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Why were convicts transported to Australia? Find out about what life was like for First Fleet convicts when they got to Australia.

First Fleet convicts 08:34


  • Imagine you are a First Fleet convict. Write a diary entry on your daily life as a convict serving your punishment in New South Wales.
  • Create an idea for a new law that you would like Australians to follow today. Write a persuasive text to convince your teacher that this should become a law.

Australian Curriculum links

Year 4 History

Stories of the First Fleet, including reasons for the journey, who travelled to Australia, and their experiences following arrival (ACHASSK085)

Year 3 Civics and Citizenship

Who makes rules, why rules are important and the consequences of rules not being followed (ACHASSK071)

Year 4 Civics and Citizenship

The differences between rules and laws, why laws are important and how they affect the lives of people, including experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (ACHASSK092)

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Australia's convict history: prison or paradise?

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Convict made brick from Port Macquarie with whipping triangle frog markBrick with whipping triangle frog mark from Port Macquarie
On display
Convict love token from 1820A convict love token, made up of a coin, engraved on both sides. One side features the text '... / AGED 20 / YEARS' with further text above scratched out. The other side features the text 'J. CHURCH. / WHEN THIS YOU SEE / REMEMBER ME. / WHEN I AM FAR AWAY / 1820'.
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