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Food Stories offers rich material for building lessons relevant to the national geography and history curriculum. Find classroom activities and primary sources to explore the past and present of Australian food production and consumption.

Farms and market gardens

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation has developed a unit of work for year levels 4–6 that explores changes in farming and market gardening practices. The unit includes stories and images drawn from the Collingullie section of Food Stories.

Object story animations

A Year 2 class from Majura Primary, one of the schools featured in Food Stories, wrote scripts and produced animations to tell the story of a plough which was part of its local food history. Students inspected the plough at the site of a former CSIRO experimental farm and talked with a curator and former CSIRO staffer about its significance and workings.

By Darragh 00:31
By Felix, Evie, Mimi and Michael 00:24
By Nathan, Jake, Laura and Rowan 00:31

Food mapping and film

A Year 3 class from Monbulk Primary, another school featured in Food Stories, constructed food maps that show the different food producing regions of Victoria.

The students researched the types of food produced across Victoria and represented each region on state maps. These maps do not show roads, towns or waterways, but where different foods are produced.

Students photographed the map making, and recorded a description of the project. The photos and audio became a narrated photo essay that explores both the history of local food production in Monbulk, and the process of learning about food production in their home state.

Monbulk Primary School Food Map 03:13

The activity undertaken by Monbulk Primary related to the Year 3 Australian Curriculum, Geography

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