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Ornament ki’i teunga

Ornament ki’i teunga

Place: Tonga
Category: Jewellery & adornment

bone, Tonga, l. 4 cm, h. 1.4 cm, w. 0.7 cm, Inv. Oz 170

Humphrey No. 89: ‘A small bon Trinket being an imitation of the pillow described No. 208, from the said [Friendly] Isles.’

A small bone carving in the form of a headrest. Both feet are drilled through.

Edge-Partington (1890: 89, Fig.5) depicts a drawing of a chain with different pendants, three of them similar to the pieces Oz 170, Oz 181, and Oz 183. Inken Köhler, Ulrike Rehr, Gundolf Krüger


Edge-Partington, James, Album of the Weapons, Tools, Ornaments, Articles of Dress etc of the Natives of the Pacific Islands, lithographed by JC Norbury, issued for private circulation by James Edge-Partington and Charles Heap, Manchester, 1890.

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