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Netted bag koko

Netted bag koko

Place: Hawaii
Category: Tools

plant fibre, Hawaii, Inv. Oz 155

Humphrey No. 175: ‘A netted Calabash-Sling, made of plaited Cordage, from ditto [Friendly Isles].’

The brown netted bag with large holes is made from a plant material. The netted bag was used by the Hawaiians for carrying gourds filled with water. Many netted bags were also needed for carrying poi in wooden containers or in gourds (Buck 1957: 64) (Poi is a sour tasting mush made from taro, and was a staple of the Hawaiian diet). The netted bags were hung on the two ends of a pole used for carrying (Arning 1931: 48). Inken Köhler


Arning, Eduard, Ethnographische Notizen aus Hawaii 1883-86, Mitteilungen aus dem Museum für Völkerkunde in Hamburg, XVI, Hamburg, 1931.

Buck, Peter, Arts and Crafts of Hawaii, Honolulu, 1957.

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