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Cloak mai muka

Cloak mai muka

Place: New Zealand
Category: Clothing

flax, dog fur, New Zealand, l. 107 cm, w. 135 cm, Inv. Oz 317

Humphrey No. 41: ‘Another [Cloak] larger striped with dark red, from ditto [New Zealand].’

Cape made of hand-woven flax, with six brown, longitudinal stripes and brown, patterned edges on the long sides. The cloak is comparable to Oz 315, in which the warp end in fringes, with vertical aho. Remnants of dog fur pieces are attached to the lower front end of the cloak. Brown flax threads have been drawn in as embellishment, at intervals of c. 18 cm. The lower edge of the cloak otherwise features an embellishment with alternating brown and light-coloured threads, the upper edge bordered with three brown fibres, each missing out two warp respectively. Markus Schindlbeck

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Cloak mai muka Inv. Oz 315

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