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Cloak mai muka

Cloak mai muka

Place: New Zealand
Category: Clothing

flax, New Zealand, l. 105 cm, w. 116 cm, Inv. Oz 316

Humphrey No. 43: ‘Another [Cloak] made of a coarser kind of Flax, and wrought in the same manner, but more open, and has a fringed edge from ditto [New Zealand].’

Cape or cloak made from hand-woven flax. Cloak with horizontal aho in a double twist binding, with larger intermediate intervals, c. 2 cm. Four aho in the upper part of the cloak are not led to the end. The fabric ends in loose fringes, strands about 10 cm long. Otherwise there are no further embellishments. On one side, two plaited strings in a doubled twist binding are fastened as a border. Markus Schindlbeck

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