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Barkcloth 'ahu

Barkcloth 'ahu

Place: Tahiti & Society Islands
Category: Barkcloth

Tahiti and the Society Islands, l. 138 cm, w. 237 cm, Inv. Oz 614

Humphrey No.19: ‘Another of thick bark Cloth of the same colours and figures as the preceding, from ditto [Society Isles].’ (see Oz 605)

The double-layered cloth has a label with the Humphrey No. 19. One corner (6.5 x 8 cm) has been cut away. The fibres are dyed a uniform yellow. The border has a pattern of two to four rows of red circles, with one corner featuring red triangular ‘ornamentation’ in addition to the circles. From its size, we may assume that it was used in the same way as Oz 613. Gundolf Krüger

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