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Adze blade toki pounamu

Adze blade toki pounamu

Place: New Zealand
Category: Tools

greenstone, New Zealand, l. 10 cm, w. 4 cm, Inv. Oz 288

Humphrey No. 214 or 215; to 214: ‘Another [adze], less, and of a darker colour, from ditto [New Zealand]’; to 215: ‘Another [adze] affixed in a very simple manner to a wooden handle, from ditto [New Zealand].’

Blade made of dark-coloured greenstone. Corresponds to the type 2 C according to Davidson (1984: 93 -100), with trapezoid cross-section without shoulder neck, whereby the frontal side is narrower than the rear. Markus Schindlbeck


Davidson, Janet, The Prehistory of New Zealand, Auckland, 1984.

Hawkesworth, John, An Account of the Voyages undertaken by the Order of His Present Majesty for making Discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere performed by Byron, Wallis, Carteret and Cook, 3 vols, London, 1773.

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