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Cook Timeline: 1728 to 1799



27 October 1728Birth of James Cook at Marton, Yorkshire, England
22 October 1729Birth of Johann Reinhold Forster, at Dirschau (Tschew), Polish Prussia
26 November 1754Birth of Georg Forster (JR Forster's son) at Nassenhüben, near Danzig, Germany
1758During service in the Royal Navy along the Canadian coastline, James Cook learns military surveying using the plane table
1763-1767James Cook surveys the cost of Newfoundland during a number of summer voyages
April 1768Lt. James Cook appointed to lead British expedition to the Pacific in HMB Endeavour
August 1768Cook's first Pacific voyage begins HMB Endeavour departs from Plymouth - visits Tahiti, New Zealand, and Australia
3 June 1769Observation of the transit of Venus at Tahiti
1769-1770Circumnavigation of New Zealand
28 April 1770Cook anchors at Botany Bay, Australia
10 June 1770HMB Endeavour strikes the Great Barrier Reef, repaired at site of Endeavour River, near Cooktown
13 September 1770At Possession Island, James Cook claims British possession of the east coast of the Australian continent
July 1771Cook's first Pacific voyage ends
June 1772Following the withdrawal of Joseph Banks, Johann Reinhold Forster is appointed naturalist for Cook's second Pacific voyage
July 1772Cook's second Pacific voyage begins. HMS Resolution and HMS Adventure depart - travels in Antarctic Circle, New Zealand, Polynesia and Melanesia
1773Publication of official account of first voyage - edited by John Hawkesworth
July 1775Second voyage ends with arrival of HMS Resolution in England
July 1776Cook's third Pacific voyage begins. HMS Resolution and HMS Discovery depart from Plymouth - search for Northwest passage in northern Pacific passage visits New Zealand, Hawaii, Polynesia
March 1777Publication of George Forster's 'Voyages round the world'
May 1777Publication of official account of second voyage - written by James Cook, edited by John Douglas
1778Publication of JR Forster's 'Observations made during a voyage round the world'
May 1777Publication of official account of second voyage - written by James Cook, edited by John Douglas
14 February 1779James Cook killed at Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii
January 1780News of Cook's death reaches London
October 1780Cook's third Pacific voyage ends HMS Resolution and HMS Discovery arrive back in England
1782With the assistance of King George III, Göttingen University acquires a large Pacific ethnographic collection from England
1784Publication of official account of third voyage - written by James Cook, edited by John Douglas
10 January 1794Death of Georg Foster in Paris, France
9 December 1798Death of Johann Reinhold Forster in Halle, Germany (Prussia)
1799Göttingen University purchases a Pacific ethnographic collection from Johann Reinhold Forster's estate
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