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King of Boobarrego

This is one of five gorgets in the Museum’s collection which have pictures of Aboriginal men incorporated into the design (none has a picture of a woman). However, it is only one in which an attempt has been made to portray an Aboriginal man without alluding in any way to influences from colonial society.

Engraved breastplate.
Paddy, King of Boobarrego

The scene is a tableau which is supposed to represent a traditional Aboriginal hunting scene. On one side of the gorget is the man who stalks a kangaroo on the opposite side; his spear is poised and he carries a boomerang. Around his waist is a belt which may be a fillet made of fish net.

A xanthorrhoea evokes an Australian bush setting for the action. The plate is well crafted from sawn brass and the engraving is the work of a professional. Well-worn holes for suspending the gorget indicate that the gorget was used often.

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