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Blueprint for a nation

One corner of Trevor Kennedy’s private museum was dedicated to Federation. It was dominated by the scale model of the Queensland Government steam yacht, the Lucinda.

A model of a ship in a wood and glass case, the ship has five raised sails, water wheels on either side, painted in black and brown with details in blue and red, held on four gold coloured stands, and a gold plaque at one end. Th case is in good condition and has an engraved panel with the text:

Scale model of the Queensland Government steam yacht Lucinda

During the National Australasian Convention of 1891, the Queensland Government steam yacht Lucinda cruised up the Hawkesbury River and around Pittwater in Sydney.

In the stateroom, Queensland Premier Sir Samuel Griffith would have been in deep discussion with other members of the Constitutional Committee, including Charles Kingston and Edmund Barton.

Their Easter weekend was spent on board the impressive and richly appointed vessel, drafting and redrafting the document that would eventually become the Australian Constitution.

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