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Portrait of Sheila Friday Jones. - click to view larger image

born about 1940, Manyjilyjarra language group, Purungu skin group, Wiluna, Tjukurba Gallery

Sheila grew up around Mungarlu and her family was one of the first to walk south into Wiluna. After stealing a watermelon from one of the stations, the family successfully evaded a police tracker.

In Wiluna, Sheila married Friday Jones and had three daughters. She began painting at Ullalla station, with her niece, Georgia Brown, in about 2003.

A dot painting on canvas in a grid pattern of concentric dotted circles connected by one straight line which is flanked by two curved lines. There are four vertical lines of five concentric circles in yellow and silver, orange and brown, green and red and blue and yellow over solid black rings. The connecting lines are black with white edges. The spaces between the grid pattern have been filled with dots in orange, green, grey, yellow, red, brown, blue, maroon, and black.

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