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Portrait of Milkujung Jewess James. - click to view larger image

born about 1940s, Wangkajunga language group, Nakarra skin group, Ngumpan community, Ngurra Artists

My father said, ‘I’m not giving you my kids. You might take them to another place far away from here’.

Milkujung was born near Paruku. When the priest at old Balgo mission attempted to put Milkujung and her sister into school, their father fled with them to Kurungal (Christmas Creek station).

There Milkujung married Majarrka boss, Wirrali Jimmy James, and raised a family. Today she is a respected law woman in her community.

A dot painting made with acrylic paint on canvas. The painting has a dark blue background with three central oval shapes in green. Around each of these green oval shapes is an outline of white dots. Around that outline is a red semi circle with sun shapes at either end. Dots fill the rest of the painting. One side has white dots and the other side has a section of green dots and a smaller section of red dots in the corner. The different coloured dots meet in the centre creating a wavy line.


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