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Horsedrawn farm equipment

A tin sign painted with a central image of a piece of farm machinery being drawn behind two horses. Four smaller images show other horsedrawn farming equipment. Text reads 'McCormick Harvesting Machine Company, Chicago, USA' - click to view larger image
McCormick agricultural machinery sign

Horses performed a variety of jobs on Australian farms, enabling agricultural production to increase steadily from the early 19th century.

Horses could work harder and pull much heavier loads than farmhands, and work faster and longer than oxen.

As horses became more common on Australian farms, agricultural machinery manufacturers developed equipment to harness their strength and stamina and improve the efficiency of crop production.

This embossed tin sign shows the range of horsedrawn farm equipment made by McCormick in Chicago and sold by McLean Bros & Rigg in Adelaide.

It shows horses pulling a daisy reaper, mower with reaping attachment, binder, mower and hay rake.

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