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Portrait photo of an Aboriginal Australian man wearing a suit jacket and hat.

Mick Wallankarra Tjakamarra

Water Dreaming boomerang, 1975

In this Dreaming story, a great storm came from the west to a mountain north of Papunya. The sinuous lines on the boomerang represent the lightning associated with the storm, while the short parallel lines indicate the black rain clouds. As the storm waters disappeared, the countryside came to life again.

Mick Wallankarri Tjakamarra

Old Man’s Dreaming boomerang, 1975

This boomerang is decorated with two sets of ceremonial participants, represented by the U shapes — the mark left on the ground by a seated human figure. The two men are shown seated back-to-back. The accompanying bar shapes may represent sacred boards (ceremonial objects).

Mick Wallankarri Tjakamarra boomerang

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