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Made for a purpose 03:55
A hard story to tell 01:38
Flinders Island 05:02
Growing up on Cape Barren Island 03:19
Mannalargenna, my ancestor 02:36
Representing first peoples in museums 03:58
The missing 03:57
A family history 04:46
The greatest honour of my life 02:08
Palawa kani — teaching Tasmanian Aboriginal languages 02:53
Claiming back country 04:24
Connecting to the ancestors 02:35
What my ancestors taught me 02:56
Tasmanian Aborigines and GA Robinson 02:23
Objects and history 02:11
A petition to the Queen 03:33
A broken promise 02:34

Flinders Island

Explore Flinders Island, its people, and objects – old and new – that were on display in Encounters.

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