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Noongar language 03:06
Cultural materials in the present 02:09
King George Sound panorama: A contemporary interpretation 05:30
The richest culture in the world 02:54
Shaking hands 05:13
Perth: An ancient site 07:33
What it means to be Noongar 03:44
The waitj (emu) dance 02:09
The significance of cultural material 02:09
My father — Ken Colbung 03:43
The story of the eel sculpture 02:42
Objects, healing and identity 02:21
The healing power of objects 02:09
Yonga (kangaroo) and waitch (emu) dance 03:16
My kodj 02:28
Stories of childhood 05:38


Explore Perth, its people, and objects – old and new – that were on display in Encounters.

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