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Watch films about Perth, Noongar country, history, cultural identity and museums.

Noongar language 3:06

Dr Richard Walley OAM, Noongar-Yamatji

Cultural materials in the present 2:09

Brett Nannup, Noongar

King George Sound panorama: A contemporary interpretation 5:30

Christopher Pease, Noongar

The richest culture in the world 2:54

Aunty Doolann-Leisha Eatts (nee Garlett-Yarran), Ballardong Elder

Shaking hands 5:13

Marie Taylor, Noongar Elder

Perth: An ancient site 7:33

Noel Nannup, Noongar Elder

What it means to be Noongar 3:44

Miranda Farmer, Noongar

The waitj (emu) dance 2:09

Justina Smith, Noongar

The significance of cultural material 2:09

Albert Corunna, Noongar Elder, Perth

My father – Ken Colbung 3:43

Esandra Colbung, Noongar

The story of the eel sculpture 2:42

Peter Farmer, Noongar

Objects, healing and identity 2:21

Selina Eggington, Noongar Elder

The healing power of objects 2:09

Robert Eggington, Noongar Elder

Yonga (kangaroo) and waitch (emu) dance 3:16

Ian Wilkes, Noongar

My kodj 2:28

Lily Wilson, Noongar

Stories of childhood 5:38

Laurel Nannup, Noongar Elder

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