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Watch films about Kimberley region, Kimberley Aboriginal country, history, cultural identity and museums.

Communities and museums working together 6:39

Joe Brown, Walmajarri Lawman and Neil Carter, Gooniyandi and Kidji, Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Cultural Centre (KALACC)

The warmth of culture 1:48

Terrry Murray, Walmajarri

There and back again 1:37

Putaparri (Tom Lawford), Wangkajunga

Jandamarra’s legacy 2:44

Duncan Ord

Righting wrongs 2:49

June Oscar, Bunuba Elder

Kimberley region

Explore the Kimberley region, Kimberley Aboriginal country, its people, and objects – old and new – that were on display in Encounters.

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