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Watch films about Albany, Menang country, history, cultural identity and museums.

Objects for healing and community 1:55

Elsie Woods, Noongar

Giving objects context 2:02

Robert Reynolds, Department of Aboriginal Affairs, Western Australia

Reconnect the cultural flame 4:11

Ezzard Flowers, Menang Elder and Kelvin Penny, Noongar

Country: Part of being 4:25

Harley Coyne, Noongar

You’ve got the sticks but we’ve got the stories 1:53

Treasy Woods, Noongar Elder

Mixed feelings 1:44

Lynette Knapp, Menang and Winnie Larsen, Menang

For three combs and a mirror 4:34

Lester Coyne, Noongar Elder

How to make a kodj (axe) 5:14

Larry Blight, Menang educator and craftsman

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