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Watch films about, Botany Bay, Gweagal and Bidjigal country, history, cultural identity and museums.

A shared history 5:01

Shayne Williams, Dharawal Elder

Cultural material and youth 2:02

Michael Ingrey, Dharawal

Reconnection and healing 2:50

Chris Ingrey, Dharawal

Growing up in La Perouse 1:01

Michael Lester, La Perouse

The soothing practice of shell making 1:43

Maryilyn Russell, Bidjigal, La Perouse, Botany Bay

A childhood of shell collecting 1:31

Esme Timbery Russell, Bidjigal, La Perouse, Botany Bay

Childhood and shellwork 3:50

Aunty Norma Simms, Bidjigal and Darug Elder

Note: This webpage and these videos were first published in 2016. More recently some scholars have questioned the provenance of the shield in the exhibition.

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