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Watch films about Cairns, Yidinji country, history, cultural identity and museums.

Objects in museums 1:15

Kay Mundraby, Mandingalbay Traditional Owner

Our amazing objects 1:17

Theresa Dewar, Yidinji Traditional Owner

What they made – it was treasure 2:55

Reverend Dorita Wilson, Yidinji

Cultural materials and repatriation 2:13

Elverina Johnson, Yidinji-Kunganji

At night in the museum … they would be shaking 3:29

Allan Oliver, Yidinji and Hendrick Fourmile, Yidinji

Objects: They tell our story 1:53

David Mundraby, Yidinji Elder

Half a world away 5:38

George Skeene, Yidinji

Family heirlooms 3:41

Gudju-Gudju (Seith Fourmile), Yidinji Traditional Owner

A resistance leader 1:54

Carl Fourmile, Yidinji

We need those things 1:13

Peter Hyde, Gimuy Walabura Elder

Welcome to the Yarrabah Museum 3:14

Brad Higgins, Yidinji

Objects from my people 1:50

Dalcie Fourmile, Yidinji

The meaning of objects 1:57

Henrietta Marrie, Yidinji

Defending culture 3:34

Paul Bong (Bindur Bullin), Yidinji artist

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