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Why did people migrate to Australia in the 1800s? What did these migrants experience and contribute to Australia? Find out about groups who migrated to the colonies of Australia.

Colonial migration 15:11


  • Research the story of someone who migrated to Australia and present their story in a creative way, such as a picture collage, video presentation, artwork or play.
  • Research the experiences and contributions of the Chinese miners on the goldfields.
  • Write a journal entry as one of these miners, including your experiences and feelings.

Australian Curriculum links

Year 5 History

The reasons people migrated to Australia and the experiences and contributions of a particular migrant group within a colony (ACHASSK109)

Year 5 Civics and citizenship

How people with shared beliefs and values work together to achieve a civic goal (ACHASSK118)

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Multicultural Mosaic 15:24

The contribution immigrants have made to the Australian nation.

In our collection

Handstitched leather shoe with iron nails in sole and heel [punishment shoe]This punishment shoe was found under floorboards in the original Commandant's cottage, which was built in 1830 in Granton, northern Hobart. It is called a 'punishment shoe' because the leather was cut away near the ankle so that the leg irons worn by convicts would cut into their flesh. Convicts working on chain-gangs would be s...
Set of banjo shaped Chinese scales used for weighing gold and herbsA set of brown coloured wooden banjo shaped Chinese scales. The scales consist of two identical hollowed shaped pieces of wood forming a base and lid. Inside there is a bone or ivory measuring rod with a metal weight and metal scoop with red twine attached.
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