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Property manager Augustus Glissan sent Oscar’s completed sketchbook with this accompanying letter to an old family friend, Dr Charles Bage, in 1899

AH Glisson letter.

[top left hand corner]
Stamp of Australian Institute of Anatomy
[written notation]
Recd June 5, 1899
Charles Bage

March 30th 1899

My dear Dr
Just a few lines to tell you I am posting you a book, of drawings executed by one of my boys named “Oscar”, this boy I got at Cooktown in 1887 & he has been with me ever since & when I got him he was a thorough Myall — could not speak many words of English & had never crossed a horse, he was somewhere about 9 or 10 years of age then — but could not be certain to a year or two, the police got him for me and brought him on board the Steamer and I did not know that the boy was a cripple till I went to put him in the saddle, when I found he had been severely burnt, as a child, and he could not open his legs sufficiently wide to enable him to cross the saddle, he was also very asthmatic and poor boy had a bad time riding 240 miles However constant riding has stretched the Sinews and he rides well now. Ever since the boy came here he has had a liking for drawing & some of his Etchings (performances) on stone with charcoal & chalk etc were so really well done, that I thought some day I would get him a book & some colored pencils & let him have a good try at it. I now enclose you the book under separate cover & I am sure you will all have a good laugh over the pictures
I tried to make him keep the book as clean as I could, but the result was only so so. The index will give you all the information, this the boy gave me in his own way & I have put it as well as I saw — I am pleased to see the travellers have returned to your home, & I believe are in great form. I wish I was there to hear all about their trip, it would be very interesting to me, I have written to Arthur and Alice. Did you and the wife go to Adelaide to meet them? I believe by Alice’s [?] the Barbarossa is a magnificent ship —
I received the Argus today, sent to me by Arthur & notice in which, he met some old friends at Melbourne & they gave him a welcome back — We have had some good rains, but it has not been general, very patchy, we want much more to ensure a good year —
Give my love to the wife and Alice & very kind regards to the Widow Sister, & be sure and show her children the book. I am sure they will enjoy it immensely
Tell Jessie and Alice that Uncle Gus does not forget them & to get Uncle Arthur to give them plenty Paddywhack
With best wishes to yourself
I remain dear Dr ever yours Sincerly
AH Glissan

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