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This online feature has been adapted from a website initially developed in 2008 by the National Museum of Australia with support from the Australia China Friendship Society.

The Australia China Friendship Society was formed in 1951–52 and aims to promote and extend friendship and understanding between the people of Australia and China. In 1988 the society published a booklet about the scroll which includes the research text prepared by Mo Yimei and related information:

J Culnane (ed.), Harvest of Endurance, A History of Chinese in Australia 1788–1988, Australia China Friendship Society, ID Studio, Sydney, 1988.

This online feature includes new colour-matched images of the scroll captured in early 2019 by National Museum of Australia photographers George Serras and Jason McCarthy, with assistance from Conservator Nick Zihrul and Registrar Matthew Doney.

Harvest of Endurance Scroll: A History of the Chinese in Australia, 17881988. Artist Mo Xiangyi, assisted by Wang Jingwen, with researcher Mo Yimei. Ink on paper, mounted on silk and paper. Copyright Australia China Friendship Society. National Museum of Australia


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