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Portrait of Hayley Atkins. - click to view larger image

born 1982, Putijarra language group, Jangala skin group, Jigalong community, Newman Martumili Artists

Hayley grew up in Jigalong in Martu Country and lives in Newman, where she works with Martumili Artists. Hayley has been involved with the Canning Stock Route Project since 2007 and was its first curator.

While supporting the artists on the 'return to Country' trip at Well 36, Hayley began painting herself. She also began to learn about her own family ties to artists from many other Western Desert art centres.

Hayley loves working with her elders and learning about their lives in the bush.

Puntawarri 2007 by Pukarlyi Milly Kelly and Hayley Atkins, Martumili Artists. Acrylic on linen.


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