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Warakurna: All the Stories Got into our Minds and Eyes features works from these Warakurna artists. These artists are not just making art, they are recounting incidents and remembering people that have impacted heavily on their lives.


Dorcas Tinamayi Bennett, born 1956, Tjarurru skin group

Jean Inyalanka Burke, 1945–2012

Polly Pawuya Butler-Jackson, born 1957, Panaka skin group

Judith Yinyika Chambers, born 1958, Purungu skin group

Dianne Ungukalpi Golding, born 1966, Purungu skin group

Anna Porter, born 1941, Panaka skin group

Eunice Yunurupa Porter, born 1948, Yiparrka skin group

Rocky Porter, born 1973, Purungu skin group

Delilah Shepherd, born 1974, Karimarra skin group

Ken Shepherd, born 1965, Karimarra skin group

Martha Ward, born 1956 at Rururr, Yiparrka skin group

Maisie Nungurrayi Ward, born 1975, Tjarurru skin group

Roshanna Yinga Williamson, born 1987, Tjarurru skin group

Molly Malungka Yates, born 1946, Tjarurru skin group

Tracy Yates, born 1978, Karimarra skin group

Warakurna artists introduce their country and art centre. Eunice Yunurupa Porter draws the Seven Sisters Dreaming in the sand. Community members make sculptures from tjanpi (grass) and purnu (wood), and hunt for goanna.

Warakurna Artists 11:03

Courtesy Ngaanyatjarra Media, Alice Springs

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