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How Irish are you?

Spend some time exploring your Irish family history on our website or in the exhibition’s dedicated Irish resource room.

Family history basics If you’re new to family history, this page will give you a quick overview with tips to get you started, notes on geography and family history research online.
Family history resources Gateway to Irish family history sites. Find out how to do family history research and where to find the records.
Irish Australian history This short timeline shows key events that influenced Irish migration and affected the preservation or destruction of key records in Ireland. Highlights good national, county and local sources across the decades.
How did your ancestors live? Finding out about your ancestors is just the beginning ... learn about their lives. How did they live? What were their lives like?
Irish convicts Only 12 per cent of the convicts transported to Australia were Irish. Yet people often automatically associate the Irish with transportation. Use these resources and surprising pathways to explore Irish convict history.

Resource room

The Irish resource room was located within the Not Just Ned exhibition. In the resource room you could:

  • research your Irish family history
  • tell your Irish story at the video kiosk
  • relax on the comfy lounges and browse the Irish reading material
  • take home a memento from our shop.

Online research

We’ve sorted through some of the many websites developed by and for family history researchers to bring you a quick overview with tips to get you started, a gateway to Irish family history sites, a timeline of key events and surprising pathways to research Irish convict history.

Family history series

In conjunction with the Not Just Ned exhibition, family history experts shared research tips and tools, using objects in the exhibition as starting points. Where do we start?

Brad Argent outlines what’s on the website and how to get the best out of it, and other free online databases that could enhance your family history research without breaking the bank.
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Presenters: Brad Argent

Irish immigrants from Australian records: the real keys to finding them in Ireland

In the genealogical rush to return to Ireland and where our ancestors were from, records of their lives in Australia were sometimes overlooked. Perry McIntyre outlines key documents which provide clues to finding ancestral spots in Ireland.
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Presenters: Perry McIntyre
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