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This website uses words, photos and objects from people who spent time growing up in children’s homes, orphanages and other ‘care’ institutions.

These pages feature personal contributions to the National Museum of Australia’s Inside exhibition. They tell only a small part of each person’s story.


Exhibition graphic panel that reads: 'My sister and I could not see our brother as he was in a different area. I would try to go into the playground … so I could see him as I missed him. I would get told off for doing so (I was 6) and I felt angry and upset that I couldn’t see him', attributed to ‘Teresa, Victoria, 1970s'.

Leigh Westin

A colour photograph of a patchwork quilt made up of various coloured handkerchieves stitched together. The individual handkerchiefs have personal messages written and embroidered on them.

Joy Williams

Exhibition graphic panel that reads: 'I think I was converted six million times — was saved. That entailed another piece of cake on Sunday!', attributed to 'Joy Williams, Lutanda Home, Wentworth Falls, New South Wales, 1950s / The Lost Children, edited by Coral Edwards and Peter Read, 1989'.
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