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It felt as though I had landed on the dark side of the moon.

Going through the gates into a children’s home in 20th century Australia was, for good or bad, entering a different world.

Some of those who lived inside the gates as children remember what that world was like.

Limited Release

A selection of photographs of Australian children’s homes and institutions on the public record, curated by Julie Gough.

Australian children’s homes and institutions 13:01

This video has no sound.

Video images courtesy: Ann McVeigh, Brisbane City Council Archives, Department of Family and Community Services NSW, Community Services, Diane Tronc, Gordon Briscoe, Manly Library, National Archives of Australia, National Library of Australia, State Library of New South Wales, State Library of Queensland, State Library of Victoria, State Library of Western Australia, State of New South Wales through the Department of Attorney General and Justice and reproduced with the approval of the State Library of New South Wales.

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