Feared and Revered self-guided tour

Explore Feminine Power through the Ages your own way, in this exhibition from the British Museum. Audio presented by Australian actor Miah Madden.

Marble statue of Aphrodite

This tour experience works best with a stable wi-fi connection.

Listen anywhere or connect to the Feared and Revered network in your device settings at the Museum.

There are audio described and Auslan versions of this tour available. Closed captions and accessible versions can be toggled using the media player controls.

We also have a Ukrainian translation of the audio tour available.

This is a pilot project and we are continuously working on improvements.

Female figures
Yawkyawk figures
Māori cloak
Pele – Tiare Wahine
Funerary papyrus
Yab-yum thang-kha
Top half of a relief of 'Queen of the Night', a winged female form holding an ankh in one hand.
Queen of the Night
Statue of Venus
Mask of China Supay
Intaglio - Adam and Eve
Takiyasha and skeleton print
The Witches’ Sabbath
Taraka dance mask
Kali icon
Luba figure
Medal of Elizabeth I
Statue of Sekhmet
Statue of Isis and Osiris
Boddisatva Guanyin
The Virgin Mary
About your host

Miah Madden is an actor and singer with Gadigal and Bundjalung heritage. She is the youngest presenter on the ABC's Play School.

Miah started acting in primary school, with a part in The Sapphires, followed by roles in Australian television shows including Mustangs FC and Bali.

A portrait photo of tour narrator Miah Madden.
Your self-guided tour presented by Australian actor Miah Madden.