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FRANK FEAST: I was offered a further expedition with Dr Basedow in 1922 to northern Australia. We took ship on the expedition from Sydney to Port Darwin, and from Port Darwin the horses were hired at Shadforth small station four miles from Katherine. We proceeded both by motor car and four-in-hand on the south-west direction through varying stations to Victoria River Downs and the Pigeon Hole. My main work was the harnessing of the four-in-hand and driving the horses, also looking after the food angle, the cooking and the serving of the meals throughout the trip.

The first station visited was Manbullo. The next station was Willeroo, where in previous years Mr Tom Pearce, who we met on the 1920 trip, was manager at Crown Point. Mr Pearce is one of the characters in Mrs Aeneas Gunn's book We of the Never Never. The next station we passed was Delamere and then there was some very, very rough track.

Finally we arrived at Victoria River Downs station and, after a day or so there, then we proceeded to the Humbert River. It was from the Humbert River where Dr Basedow and the prospector, Mr Billy Williams, took riding horses and pack horses out to inspect the big tract of territory on the land to prospect for the likelihood and to do a geological survey of the possibilities of finding any oil.

When the prospecting was completed, we all journeyed back to Victoria River Downs. I drove the buggy as far south as the Pigeon Hole, while Johnny Roden and Dr Basedow went as far south as the Wave Hill station. In due course, passing through Delamere, Willeroo and Manbullo stations, we arrived at Katherine. Train from Katherine to Pine Creek, Adelaide River, Darwin. There in Darwin remaining to await the Montoro on her return visit from Singapore to Sydney.

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