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High profile Indigenous artists, poets, writers, curators and performers explore the diverse ways that Indigenous identity and culture is expressed in urban environments. Coinciding with the 70% Urban exhibition, this forum looks at the impact of cities on culture and how it is represented in museums and keeping places.

Who you callin’ urban?

An examination of the expression of Indigenous culture and identity by a dynamic group of contemporary artists and authors. Explores the impact the ‘art’ movement has had on Indigenous people and how cultural material can be ‘read’ as documentary text.
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Presenters: Vernon Ah Kee, Bronwyn Bancroft, Richard Bell, Wesley Enoch and Anita Heiss

These are modern dreamtime stories!

Writer Stephen Hagan, Indigenous artist Gordon Syron and poet Sam Wagan Watson explore the ways in which the ‘active’ Indigenous voice has changed the representation of Indigenous cultures from urban areas in museums and keeping places.
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Presenters: Stephen Hagan, Gordon Syron and Sam Wagan Watson

Writing onto public record our stories

An exploration of the term ‘urban’, whether it is an appropriate reference for Indigenous people living in Australian cities, and the many ways Indigenous culture is expressed in these environments.
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Presenters: Michael Aird, Stephen Hagan, Christine Hansen and Peter Read
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