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How is memory expressed and represented in the landscape? This symposium explores local and international perspectives on memory and significant sites and culminates in an examination of the National Museum of Australia site.

What is a memory?

Historians Mike Pickering, Paul Pickering and Peter Stanley join psychologist Judith Slee in a discussion about memory, how it is defined, measured and understood, and why it is sometimes contested.
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Presenters: Mike Pickering, Paul Pickering, Judith Slee and Peter Stanley

Memorials and sacred sites

The spiritual significance and memorialisation of place are explored by archaeologist Claire Smith, examining Aboriginal sacred sites, and by historian Peter Stanley’s research into the Mont St Quentin battlefield.
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Presenters: Claire Smith and Peter Stanley

Layers of significance – Reconciliation Place and the Acton Peninsula, Canberra

Explores the varying layers of significance of Reconciliation Place and Acton Peninsula in Canberra, both traditional homes of the Ngambri Aboriginal people. The Peninsula was once the site of the Canberra hospital and is now home to the National Museum.
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Presenters: Leanne Dempsey, Mandy Doherty, Anne Faris, Amareswar Galla, Paul House, Andrew Smith and Benita Tunks
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