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A microbiologist, a social scientist and an infectious diseases physician explore the benefits, pitfalls and palatability of recycled water.

The science of recycling water

Simon Toze explains various processes for recycling water, the kinds of chemicals that appear in water (such as pharmaceuticals, oestrogen and plasticisers) and makes a case for drinking recycled water.

Public opinion on recycled water

Kelly Fielding gauges the levels of support for and opposition to recycling water for human consumption, and explores the reasons behind each position.

The case against recycling water for drinking

The Canberra Hospital's Peter Collignon explains why he believes that recycling water is a bad idea – particularly where there are other options – for various reasons including the health risks.

Tasting and discussion

The Museum's Mark Juddery facilitates the recycled water taste test and discussion among the panellists and audience.
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Presenters: Peter Collignon, Kelly Fielding, Mark Juddery and Simon Toze
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