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Events held in conjunction with the Not Just Ned: A True History of the Irish in Australia exhibition, including the exhibition launch, family history lectures and plenary sessions from the Australasian Irish Studies conference.

Not Just Ned: what sort of history of the Irish in Australia?

Symposium chaired by Orla Tunney, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Ireland, with short contributions from other speakers giving their opinions on the Not Just Ned exhibition.
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Presenters: Shane Carmody, Pat Cooke, Vale Noone, Keira O'Toole and Orla Tunney

The Identity Game or How Irish is Australia?

Shane Carmody begins by singing lyrics about Ned Kelly written to the The Patriot Game that he wrote for the centenary of the Ned Kelly’s execution in which he drew a connection between that event, Armistice Day, and the dismissal of the Whitlam government.
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Presenters: Shane Carmody

The National Museum of Ireland: an ideological history

Pat Cooke discusses the history and evolution of the National Museum of Ireland in the context of the material culture of Ireland in modern times.
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Presenters: Pat Cooke

Sorting out the Irish immigrants of colonial Australia

Eric Richards examines the reciprocal relationship between Ireland and the Australian colonies and examines questions such as what characteristics and qualities did Irish immigrants embody, and how selectively did the colonies draw on these immigrants.
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Presenters: Eric Richards

A few of my favourite things: some objects from the Not Just Ned exhibition

Richard Reid, senior curator of the Not Just Ned exhibition, tells some stories and presents a few of his favourite objects from the exhibition to open the 18th Australasian Irish Studies conference: The Irish in Australia 1788 to the present.
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Presenters: Richard Reid and Andrew Sayers

Irish immigrants from Australian records: the real keys to finding them in Ireland

In the genealogical rush to return to Ireland and where our ancestors were from, records of their lives in Australia were sometimes overlooked. Perry McIntyre outlines key documents which provide clues to finding ancestral spots in Ireland.
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Presenters: Perry McIntyre Where do we start?

Brad Argent outlines what’s on the website and how to get the best out of it, and other free online databases that could enhance your family history research without breaking the bank.
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Presenters: Brad Argent

Exhibition launch: Not Just Ned: A true history of the Irish in Australia

Author Tom Keneally officially launches the National Museum’s new exhibition about the Irish contribution to Australia. Includes a performance by the Alan Kelly Quartet and speeches by the Federal Arts Minister and new Irish children’s minister.
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Presenters: Simon Crean, Frances Fitzgerald, Daniel Gilbert, Tom Keneally and Andrew Sayers
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