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An informal public conversation series exploring creative responses to history and historical research. High profile artists, historians and curators explore the dynamic connections between history and imagination.

History meets poetry

National Museum curator Margo Neale, historian and Indigenous biographer Peter Read and poet and writer Sam Wagan Watson discuss Indigenous issues and the intersection between historical research and imagination.
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Presenters: Margo Neale, Peter Read and Sam Wagan Watson

The natural world as a character

Environmental historian Libby Robin and novelist Nicholas Drayson share an interest in nature and the history of science and discovery. They explore the dynamic relationship between historical evidence, recollections and the reconstruction of the past.
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Presenters: Nicholas Drayson and Libby Robin

Examining the intersections of historical research and fictional writing

The convergence of history and fiction and the power of archives and objects to inform their work on Australian women and the League of Nations is explored by political historian Lenore Coltheart and author Frank Moorhouse.
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Presenters: Lenore Coltheart and Frank Moorhouse
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