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Talks relating to the stories and development of cycling in Australia, in association with the Freewheeling: Cycling in Australia exhibition.

Is cycling normal? The past, present and future of the bicycle in Australia

Curator and cyclist Daniel Oakman explores the history of the bicycle and the resurgence of cycling in Australia and across the world.
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Presenters: Daniel Oakman

Australians dream of speed

Can you imagine a city where the car isn’t the dominant mode of transport? A challenging discussion about how to re-imagine our cities in ways that use bicycles to make them convenient, inclusive, efficient and fast.
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Presenters: Steven Fleming and Angelina Russo, with an introduction by Daniel Oakman

The Human Motor: Sir Hubert Opperman and endurance cycling in Australia

Hubert Opperman (1904–1996), or ‘Oppy’ as he was known, was one of the greatest cyclists of his time. Curator Daniel Oakman reflects on why Opperman became a national hero and how his cycling feats transformed popular understandings of human endurance.
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Presenters: Daniel Oakman and Kirsten Wehner
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