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Speakers examine developments in the assessment, storage and conservation of museum and gallery collections.

Caring for collections – welcome and keynote address

Philip Jones delivers ‘From curation to management: reflections on museum objects’, a consideration of how the traditional curatorial role has changed.
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Presenters: Louise Douglas and Philip Jones

Reflecting on 30 years in conservation

Eric Archer reflects on the achievements in the conservation professions and the incorporation of conservators into mainstream collections management structures. He also raises the issue of how to open up objects in non-displayed collections.

Remembering the goal

Maryanne McCubbin discusses the development of three strands of collection workers over the past 30 years: curators, collection managers and conservators.
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Presenters: Maryanne McCubbin

A curatorial perspective

Jennifer Sanders looks at seven themes in the history of curatorial practice: farewelling the keepers, the age of managerialism, out of the silos into the world, tipping the iceberg, curating in a digital world, telling stories and going beyond the walls.
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Presenters: Jennifer Sanders

Access all areas – Powerhouse Discovery Centre case study

Christopher Snelling provides a case study on how the Powerhouse Discovery Centre and collection stores at Castle Hill have been developed and opened to the public.
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Presenters: Christopher Snelling

Centre for the National Museum of Australia Collections

Eric Archer and Greer Gehrt discuss the development of a business case for a new Centre for the National Museum of Australia Collections that balances passive design and collection management needs.
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Presenters: Eric Archer and Greer Gehrt

Chasing shadows – acquiring and managing virtual collections

Poppy Wenham looks at some of the issues in adapting museum practice to the challenges of born-digital collection material, and asks what we need to do to work effectively with virtual collections.

Museums and ‘open collections’

Mathew Trinca proposes that at the heart of museums lies a deep commitment to the idea that our material lives are worth recording and that our heritage objects provide insights into the circumstances and meaning of human life.
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Presenters: Mathew Trinca

A question of significance

Roslyn Russell examines the development of the Significance publication and suggests that the preservation of an object’s function in the conservation process is important where the function is an integral part of the object’s significance.
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Presenters: Roslyn Russell

Risk management and light levels

Conservator Nicki Smith examines the latest developments in risk management and light levels.

Restoring the Royal Daimler

Conservator David Hallam and curator Guy Hansen discuss the process of restoring the Royal Daimler.
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Presenters: David Hallam and Guy Hansen

Reflections on the day

Margy Burn from the National Library of Australia, Michael Crayford from the National Maritime Museum and John Greenwood from the University of Canberra review the themes discussed during the day with Louise Douglas from the National Museum of Australia.
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Presenters: Margy Burn, Michael Crayford and John Greenwood, with Louise Douglas
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