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The Corporate Management Group (CMG) provides a framework for managers across the Museum to collectively review, make decisions and provide advice to the Museum’s executive management team on operational matters, major projects and programs, and to track progress against the performance targets in the corporate plan.

CMG comprises all Museum business unit managers, senior managers and the executive management team. Key deliverables for the CMG include developing, reviewing and monitoring the Museum’s strategic and business plans; providing quarterly progress reports against the annual corporate plan to the Museum Council; developing and reviewing the whole-of-Museum budget for executive approval; contributing to whole-of-Museum workforce planning, including staffing and recruitment proposals; and reviewing exhibition and program proposals.

A number of Museum working groups and committees report through the CMG framework to the Executive Management Group to ensure information is shared with all relevant areas of the Museum, and to facilitate participation in decision-making and accountability. Reporting groups include: the Executive Exhibitions Committee; the Acquisitions and Collections Group; the Diversity Committee; the Digital Strategy working group; the Growth and Engagement Strategy working group; and the Audience Research and Analysis working group.

Project management

The Museum operates a project management system to deliver large-scale projects and programs. The Major Projects Steering Committee (MPSC) oversees all large-scale projects at the Museum. The framework includes a suite of documentation that ensures projects are well-defined, responsibilities are identified, business planning phases are undertaken, and accountability and risk management policies and guidelines are followed. The MPSC also reports through the CMG framework to the Executive Management Group.

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