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National Museum of Australia vision

The National Museum of Australia inspires, challenges and empowers people to find their voice and place in the world.

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Tim and Gina Fairfax Discovery Centre


We strive to build a just and equitable society that honours and respects the First Nations peoples of this continent and all who have come after.

We collect, document, research and make accessible heritage collections that represent the diversity of experience in Australia.

We engage with audiences physically and digitally to promote learning, dialogue and debate about our past, present and future.

We promote collaborative work across the breadth of artistic and creative practice to enhance the cultural life of our nation.

We value and respect the commitment and contribution of all who participate in and contribute to the Museum’s community.


The National Museum of Australia will serve the Australian public through:

  • Truth-telling and honesty
  • Mutual support and openness
  • Inclusion, fairness and equity
  • Innovation and efficiency
  • Excellence and leadership
  • The quality of our welcome

Strategic priorities

Guided by its purpose and vision, and consistent with its values, the National Museum will focus on the following strategic priorities over the next four years.

First Nations first

We will focus on truth-telling and diversity in Australian life as we collect, document, research and share the history of First Nations peoples, giving voice to them and their stories.

Connecting our audiences

We commit to helping build a national sense of meaning and identity by representing and advancing the diverse histories of all Australians.

Telling our stories

We will honour and embrace the diverse stories of Australian life and experience by building and strengthening our research, collection, documentation, conservation, education and public program capabilities and activities.

Engaging together

We will contribute to the cultural life of the nation by building relationships and collaborating with artists, corporate institutions and community organisations across a range of heritage, cultural, artistic and creative practices.

Securing our future

We will support our people and secure the Museum’s future through improved organisational leadership, resilience and sustainability, and the delivery of programs and practices that build our operational capacity in order to meet the fundamental challenges of our time.

Download the full Strategic Plan 2023–27 (PDF 843.7 kb)

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